The Night Sky at Lalande

The night sky at Lalande is unexpectedly magical and catches people unawares. They come for the fun of chateau life, for the calm and beauty of the surrounding nature, and rarely think about the nights.

But we’re so far from even the nearest village, that there’s no light pollution. Overcast nights are a black that city people have never experienced before. And as for nights with a full moon! Wow. It’s possible to walk around the garden without any torch as the moonlight illuminates everything with a soft, otherworldly glow. The most beautiful sight is the facade of the chapel glowing in moonlight.

But my favourite nights of all are the clear, moonless nights, when the sky becomes a mass of stars. The Milky Way seems to pass right over the chateau. In the summer we often take blankets (and whiskey) out at midnight, and lie staring at the sky, wishing on shooting stars…

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