▷ The Chateau Diaries 040: Scotland, Morris and Cruiseships

I swap life at the Chateau de Lalande for a Scottish country house idyll, spending my time obsessing about wallpaper, trudging through drizzle, and visiting the new V&A in Dundee…

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  1. Mary K. (Hogshead) Rizzo

    I am obsessed with your Chateau stories!!! Stephanie, your enthusiasm is so adorable. And, I really love all of your friends & family; and vicariously sharing all your fun adventures and just the time you spend at home with each other! You make everything feel so precious and special, bc you really do appreciate life, I can tell!! Is very endearing. I live in the United States….in our beautiful state of wild, wonderful West Virginia, which became a state in 1863. Was originally a part of Virginia, and is one of our 50 states in the United States. Keep up the good work! I love to watch any and all of these videos. My ancestors on my paternal side are from both Scotland and Ireland, plus France! The Scotch/Irish side came to America in 1724, finally settling in Augusta County, Virginia. And, the French settlers came in the 1600’s. So I have ancestry with all of you! I would love to visit your Chateau….it would be a dream. I grew up in a big house on a farm of 100+ acreage, so I roamed all over our farm, growing up. And we had so many animals, such as cattle, sheep, goats, a horse named Black Lightning, plus a pony; and chickens, geese, guineas; plus thousands of various trees, flowers, huge vegetable gardens. We had blackberries and strawberries, and rhubarb to make pies, or just to eat.. We had a large meadow, barn area, creeks, ponds, a ridge to drive or walk up to, and always something new to see, with the changing seasons. We had moved there when I was age 9, and I lived there until after college. My parents owned it almost 50 years! I have so many wonderful memories of my life there with my parents.

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