▷ The Chateau Diaries 054: A Catwalk and a Chair

It’s a classic week of French life as Marie and I go wild in the local vintage shops and find a lovely chair in need of restoration – and I’m asked to take part in a catwalk show! 💃


  1. Carol

    I love the vlog. But you REALLY must do something about the sound. I go from 6 to 50 during a video to be able to hear what is being said, and then get blown out of the room suddenly. Fix it or I will not bother to watch.

    1. Stephanie

      Thank you for that feedback. I am aware that it’s a major problem. I hope that it’s a little better in my recent vlogs, but it still needs to be improved. I’m hoping that better editing software will help me to even it out. I’ve been unable to use it so far because my laptop is too old to run powerful video editing programs! But I’ve finally ordered a new one which will arrive in a couple of weeks, so fingers-crossed I will be able to make big improvements then!

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