▷ The Chateau Diaries 059: A Chateau, a Madonna, and DIOR!

I visit the Chateau du Bailleul and discover the secret of its mysterious madonnas before escaping to London to see the Christian Dior exhibition and to work on my flat with Scotman! And Nic, the elusive co-owner of Lalande, is finally seen on the vlog…

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  1. 'Elisa Finch

    Dear Stephany:I live in Usa ,California,I’m Argentine.I ‘m Misionery,Cristian,Artist,I want to go to visit you a be a voluntier.will be good preach in your church..sundays..I can work arrown the house. better for me go in sumer…spring..I’m 67 year old..a happy person..love.Elisa Finch…(I’m preach in facebook)..

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