▷ The Chateau Diaries 078: Birthday Photoshoot at the Chateau!

From the sublime to the ridiculous, it’s been an insanely varied week at Lalande. We host a Renaissance Music Workshop and take you on a tour of the chateau’s Chapel of Saint Jospeh. The week ends in style with Stephanie’s birthday and the arrival of the famous photographer of nudes, Renee Jacobs, for a naked photoshoot at the chateau!

Throughout her career, photographer Renée Jacobs has heard men tell her how women “should” be portrayed. She’s photographed hundreds of women and exhibited across the globe, all the while facing comments like “Women can’t look like this” and “They must look like that.” Now, she’s pushing back with Photos de Femmes, a traveling collection of images that depict women in ways that are truthful, raw, and resonant. Jacobs, along with her wife and collaborator Wendy Hicks, unveiled their first exhibition of many, womenSEEwomen, at Miami Photo Fest 2019.

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