▷ The Chateau Diaries 080: Bye Bye, Marie

There are big changes at the Chateau de Lalande! After a whole year at the chateau, Marie moves to England. She and I spend their last week together cooking, listening to concerts and visiting galleries – but I’m in trouble over my financial choices…


  1. Faded Velvet

    I so enjoyed learning how you first bought the chateau. Of COURSE every girl dreams of living in a castle with turrets-who WOULDN’T??
    I love hearing and watching you share the very real, raw life of what it takes to keep up with large old homes that were designed to function with a full staff. Seeing you tackle bits at a time, as you’re able, is encouraging and reminds us all that the process is part of the joy.
    I live in a hundred year old home that has a maid’s room, a servant’s entrance and a floor buzzer under my dining table to summon the “help” (that never comes). Whenever I’m overwhelmed with the upkeep, I remind myself that it all wasn’t meant to be done by one person and it’s ok to be perpetually behind.
    Thank you for your weekly motivation and encouragement to entertain and enjoy each moment as you go.

    ~Faded Velvet

    1. Stephanie

      I know exactly how you feel – it’s ok to be perpetually behind! Thanks for those lovely sentiments – and good luck with your home! I’m super jealous of your under-table buzzer!

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