▷ Sundays at the Chateau 002: Living the Downton Abbey life today!

What is it really like to live in a stately home today? How has life in these magnificent houses changed since the world of ‘Downton Abbey’? I answer all these questions!

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To learn more about the destruction of country houses, I recommend ‘England’s Lost Houses’ by Giles Worsley. It’s heartbreaking but beautiful. You can find it here:


For Evelyn Waugh’s beautiful novel, ‘Brideshead Revisited’, click here:


And for the stunning television adaptation starring Laurence Olivier and a young Jeremy Irons, click here:


And, for more information about the requisitioning of stately homes during the war, there’s ‘Requisitioned: The British Country House in the Second World War’ by John Martin Robinson. You can find it here:


There’s also a website devoted to remembering all of the homes that were lost:


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