▷ Sundays at the Chateau: Chateau Kitchen Renovation!

I finally reveal the before and after shots of the renovation of our chateau kitchen, it’s quite a transformation!!!

From this…
To this!


  1. Susanne Petersen

    Hi Stephani, I just love your video’s , great fun and also very informative. I”d love to book a room for a stay but my daughter is a wheelchair user and I suppose the chateau is not wheelchair accessible? I’d appreciate it if you would reply,

    Susanne x

    1. Stephanie

      I’m so sorry, I feel terrible for not replying earlier – I’ve just noticed this comment! The first floor of the chateau isn’t accessible to wheelchairs, but we have one apartment on the ground floor which is. But it’s not specifically set up for disabled use (there is a walk in shower as well as bath, but no grab rails, etc). From the ground floor apartment all of the main reception rooms are accessible by wheelchair. I hope that it will be possible for your daughter to visit!

  2. Caroline

    I’ve recently discovered your channel and have enjoyed watching them. I have 2 questions regarding your kitchen…. 1- how long is your kitchen table ?, 2- where do you store your staples, as I haven’t noticed a pantry. Thank you

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