▷ Sundays at the Chateau: Chambre Perse Bedroom Renovation

This week I show you the chateau’s Persian bedroom, and explain how we turned it into a grand, feminine, comfortable retreat.


  1. Kathryn

    It would be great if you could do a video about how you make your curtains – you make it look effortless but I’m sure it is a huge undertaking.

  2. breakodayfieldarcheryclub

    Hello Stephanie. Great video the room is beautiful. I was thinking of you the other day and I wondered how you find your workers when they are all out and about the house and yard? I imagined that sometimes you could spend half an hour trying to track someone down! We have found being on a property that sending people off with mobile walkie talkies (can be purchased very cheaply online) is a great option. Saves walking around calling out someones name for twenty minutes till they answer. You may already use a system like that but I just thought if you didn’t it may be of interest. PS I am with the comment above – please show us how you make curtains.

    1. Stephanie

      That’s a great idea – so far we’ve gone for the wandering around aimlessly method, hoping to bump into each other! Walkie Talkies would be a big improvement, but I fear that we’d all forget to take them around with us!

  3. Merran

    I have just found your YouTube channel and I would have to say you have inspired me. Two years ago my fiancé and I purchased a large manor with stables in quite a run down state. Bit by bit we are restoring the property but it can be sometimes quite overwhelming. Thank you for reminding me why we initially purchased our property. Your enthusiasm is contagious. I would also love a tutorial on how to make your lavish curtains as I need to make so many and have no idea where to start!

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