▷ Sundays at the Chateau 090: Pigeons and Costumes

It was a week of arrivals and departures at the chateau. Ian returned in time to save dinner for our b&b guests, new volunteer Yu Jou arrived from Taiwan, and our naughty hedgehog made a most unexpected return. Talented photographer Renee arrived with Wendy, to make exciting plans for a 2020 Photo Festival of Women at Lalande! And the lovely Natalia left, but not before we got matching nighties at the home of couturier Reinhard Luthier 💙💙

If you’re interested in joining us for the Photo de Femmes Festival Weekend from the 19th-21st June, and unleashing your inner goddess on the world, message me here or email me at reservations@chateaudelalande.com

Weekend packages are available from €595 for two people sharing a room, which includes a bedroom in the chateau, a private tour of the exhibition, a private photoshoot with the amazing Renee Jacobs (dressed or undressed, as you wish!), and a lavish dinner with all the Lalande regulars and Renee and Wendy!

If you’re interested in entering photos for the exhibition, the information is here: https://photosdefemmes.org/

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