▷ Sundays at the Chateau: Thanksgiving at the Chateau!

This Sunday we’re preparing for Thanksgiving at the Chateau de Lalande! I team up with my great friend Michael Petherick from the Chateau de la Basmaignee to create a spectacular autumn table decoration, and we talk about the history of Thanksgiving and why we’ll be celebrating it in the heart of France 🧡🏰🧡


  1. breakodayfieldarcheryclub

    Thanks so much Stephanie and Michael. I so look forward to your vlogs. Cannot wait for the Christmas Advent vlogs. Love the pumpkin and cheese idea. Will use that for sure.

  2. Kris and Bob

    Dear Stephanie and Michael, We love your videos and are looking forward to your Advent vlogs. By the way, thanks for acknowledging the season of Advent! Sunday’s at the Chateau has become a favorite too. Thanks for sharing your joy and creativity and the charm and hard work of chateau life.

  3. Joanna Hartley

    Joyful, autumnal abundance, Stephanie and Michael. How you weave all this creativity, and the production of such an engaging series of Vlogs, while running Lalande is impressive. Roll on Advent …

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