▷ The Christmas Diaries Advent Calendar: Christmas Day!!!

Welcome to the Chateau’s Christmas Advent Calendar! Advent is finally over and it’s CHRISTMAS DAY!!! But all the best Advent Calendars have a little door on the 25th, and after going through all of these festive preparations together, I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas on the day itself. And, as my gift to you all, here are the outtakes from our month of Advent filming! ✨

To follow the lovely Michael on Instagram, go to @picturepetherick ✨ and to see his family’s beautiful home, go to 🏰www.basmaignee.com 🏰


  1. carmenaxiomaccounting

    I have just watched this vlog for the first time (not sure why I’ve not done so before as I’m an addict) and its HILARIOUS!!!!!!! I laughed so hard and I can’t remember when last I did so. You two are hilarious together! What fun you had, the run up to the Lalande Xmas 2019 will be forever in my mind, gold sprakles, a rather shiny “fly”, words that rhyme with duck and the “going up the Eiffel Tower” in tow.

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