▷ Sundays at the Chateau: Volunteering at Lalande

This Sunday I describe exactly how the volunteer system works at the Chateau de Lalande. For the past few years I have been welcoming volunteers from all over the world to Lalande. I explain why I started hosting them, where they come from, what they do, and how this form of cultural exchange has changed the atmosphere of this 500 year old French castle 💛🏰💛

The volunteer website that we use is: http://www.workaway.info


  1. Francesca Stokes

    Hi Stephanie

    I have a question about work-away. Do you ever take husband and wife couples as volunteers? I was going to ask about age limits, but I think I saw an episode where you said that didn’t matter. Is that right?

    I love your channel. I found it about a month or so ago when quarantine started. I just adore watching you and your “mummy”. It seems like every time you say you like something, it’s something that I’ve always liked myself! Like sewing (I’ve been sewing for over 30 years. I have also re-upholstered a few chairs. I LOVE old buildings and the house my husband and I bought 20 years ago was a real handy-man special. I’ve enjoyed decorating it over the years. I LOVE gardening (although I’m not as good at it as I would like to be). I enjoy cooking and baking – I often make my own pizza…..I could go on and on….

    Anyway. Good luck with fixing the chapel and replacing the lake. I am looking forward to watching more new episodes… and catching up on months of old ones.

  2. Rachel Silvers

    Hi there, I am really having trouble finding you on workaway, when I click the link you provide it just goes to the main page. I have been searching the Internet like a crazy lady and still can’t find it! Help!

  3. Patricia

    Hi Rachel Silvers. I can’t find it either. I’m wondering if it was taken down during the pandemic. Myself and a friend are seriously planning to offer our services and have hit a dead end. Let me know if you find anything out.

    1. Alana Quinn

      I’m looking on workaway in a chateau can you message me I’m a qualified aromatherapist and have 30 years of catering work hospatality too served royalty I’m very creative hard working up for any challenge thank you kind regards Alana

  4. Kaylee Caballero

    The video seems to be gone from above, is there anyway to see this or find out about this information? My granddaughter (US)has spent the last 3 months with me (18) and she wants to come back to France. A volunteer program we thought might be great for her next trip over, however it seems difficult to get actual details.

    Some of our questions are, is it possible to stay longer than 3 months, can you get a visa for this type of work with no pay? Merci

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