▷ The Chateau Diaries 099: A Triumph of Marble and a Chateau Party

This week at the chateau was so sweet that we were, in the words of Evelyn Waugh, ‘drowning in honey’. After a seven month wait, we eventually received the marble for our new apartments! And we received our annual payment – in honey – from the bee keeper who keeps his hives on our land, and created Lalande’s first Honey Tasting Platter 😋🍯🐝

Then, just as we felt that life couldn’t get any sweeter, we received an invitation to a costume party at the Chateau de Bourneau, to celebrate the birthday of its lovely chatelaine, Erin. That trip was like stepping into a fairytale – her chateau is breathtakingly beautiful.

But it wasn’t just honey tasting and partying, Michael and I also knuckled down to some much needed admin, and we have created a new reservation system for Lalande!

So, for those of you who’d like to come and experience chateau life with us here at Lalande – and taste lots of honey! – you can book directly with us here: http://www.chateaudelalande.com/booking/

And to see more of the beautiful Erin and her Chateau de Bourneau on Instagram, I really recommend following her on Instagram. Her account perfectly encapsulates the highs and lows of chateau life and restoration: @theintrepidchatelaine @chateaudebourneau http://www.chateaudebourneau.com

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