▷ Sundays at the Chateau: The Mystery of the Chateau’s Missing Lake!

This week I finally answer a question that many of you have asked me – why has the Chateau de Lalande’s beautiful lake disappeared? The loss of the lake is something that has upset me very much, and I didn’t make this video before because I found it too difficult to talk about it. But, because of the overwhelming support that I receive from all of you, I’m feeling strong enough to face up to the problem and to fight to get the chateau’s ancient lake back!

This is a huge step for me, and I want to thank everyone who watches this vlog for your incredible emotional support, and a huge thank you to all of you who have become Patrons of the Chateau de Lalande. I only launched our Patreon page 1 week ago and we already have over 100 patrons! Because of you I’ll be able to commission a survey (costing several thousand euros), which is the first step in getting the lake back. YAY! It looks as though the dream of getting our lake back looks as though it could become a reality. On behalf of this beautiful chateau that will flourish because of you, thank you!!!

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  1. Layla wright

    They didn’t behave properly so I would fill the lake and I would make a formal complaint and tell them how
    much stress it caused you I found in the past people in high positions not necessarily behaviour honorable.

    Love Layla Xxx

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