▷ The Chateau Diaries 112: Mummy Against the Mower!

Today was an eventful day at the chateau! My mother battled with her beloved mower, as it came up with a constant stream of excuses as to why it couldn’t work. Once again, she rocked an extraordinary outfit that has to be seen to be be believed – but let’s just say that it involved the use of a trunk strap as a ribbon. Luckily, she was distracted from the mower problems by an exciting parcel bearing gifts, and a good dose of lemon drizzle cake.

We show you what life is like in an ancient chateau in the heart of the French lockdown, and the creative crafts and activities that we’re turning to to make the most of this period of enforced relaxation.

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  1. Bren in Coastal Georgia USA

    What a delightful episode, even in the face of a few challenges for Isabelle. As a member of her adoring international fan club, we are so happy that she received a gift which helped her get through the day the lawn mower refused to cooperate. So happy we also were able to see Percy and Gerald via internet, as well as The Elusive Nic’s son, and your guest that is so handy! The Easter Bunny’s look amazing and delicious. Sending loads of best wishes for a Happy Spring and meaningful week of Easter for everyone at Chateau de laLalande from your friend, Bren in Coastal Georgia, USA


    Mummy…Don’t fret the small stuff….It gives you wrinkles and you are too beautiful for frowny wrinkles…..Beautiful lemon drizzle bunnies Steph!!! Way to go you saved the day….Please let us know how Gerald’s therapy is coming along…Miss seeing his always smiling face…Again, thank you for relieving the monotony of this horrible pandemic…Truly appreciated!!

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