Tour the Private Areas of the Chateau!

Discover the private apartments of this beautiful chateau, which for hundreds of years was lived in by French counts and marquis! I’m delighted to welcome you into my home, and to take you on a personal tour.

There’s so much to see that I’ve had to split the tour into several parts. This week I’ll show you the private areas, not usually seen by guests, that we use in our every day life at the chateau – including my mother’s apartment, the service rooms behind the kitchen, and the apartment that was lived in by the Marquis to live at the chateau 👑

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – a full tour of the Chateau de Lalande! I’m sorry that it’s taken me so long to do this, but I never felt that the chateau was fully ready! But I’ve realised that I’ll always feel that way, and part of the beauty of a historic home like this is that it’s always a work in progress. Restoring Lalande is the creative passion of my life ❤️🏰❤️

A very special thank you to all of you who have become Patrons of the Chateau de Lalande. As you can imagine, your help means more to me now than ever. Because of you, I’ll be able to keep living at Lalande and making videos even though our chambres d’hotes income has been decimated by the coronavirus. I’ve been overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity, On behalf of this beautiful chateau that will continue to survive and flourish because of you, thank you!!! If you’re interested in become a Patron of The Chateau Diaries, click here:



    OMG! So many gorgeous, beautiful rooms and places for sanctuary, art and escape!! You have all done such a wonderful job in restoring the history, yet keeping a sense of fun, excitement and artistry…I can’t wait until this pandemic ends just to look at all of it in person…Keep it up and again, Thank You for sharing your beautiful piece of paradise….:)

  2. Sharon

    I loved your Chateau on the TV, but never seemed long enough, to truly take in all of it’s beauty. Wow so grateful for the ‘diaries’. I’m hooked!! Can’t wait for the lockdown to be over, as will for sure be taking a trip over.

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