▷ THE CHATEAU DIARIES: King’s Day at Lalande!

The chateau inhabitants celebrate Dutch King’s Day! As Selmar can’t be in the Netherlands for this huge national celebration, we’re bringing Holland to him. I attempt to cook Dutch specialities whilst Selmar sets up games for everyone, with hilarious results…

A very special thank you to all of you who have become Patrons of the Chateau de Lalande. As you can imagine, your help means more to me now than ever. Because of you, I’ll be able to keep living at Lalande and making videos even though our chambres d’hotes income has been decimated by the coronavirus. I’ve been overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity, On behalf of this beautiful chateau that will continue to survive and flourish because of you, thank you!!! If you’re interested in become a Patron of The Chateau Diaries, click here: https://www.patreon.com/thechateaudiaries



    When I stayed in Amsterdam I stayed at the Die Port Van Cleve. Heinekeins old factory. It was lovely. My 47th birthday present to myself for one week alone. It was the best vacation I have ever taken. Seeing that picture of Selmar holding that beer brings back so may fun memories. You all have such fun – I want to be part of the party. Thank you for sharing. Selmar seems to have loved it!

    Scott Mann, I thought you would almost be done with your therapy!!! Hang in there my man. Miss seeing your smiling face. You will be back to normal in no time at all!!!

    Also, the seeds you received are from a small town in Missouri. A middle state in the U.S. It’s a small rural town and I am sure they are fantastic seeds. Keep up what you all are doing. Obviously – we love you all here in MISSOURI. I live in Kansas City, Missouri. Home of the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS SUPERBOWL CHAMPS!! (Football)

  2. virginia lempa

    I have enjoyed your vlog immensely! One interesting and very talented guest is Selmar. He seemed to appear with his RV and nothing much was said about it. Who is he, what does he do for a living to be able to travel and stay with you. Just interested for fun. He seems like such a happy addition to such a fun group.

  3. Deborah Clark

    I agree. Selmar is a very talented individual. He and Diesel are a mystery though. I love to watch Selmar with the animals. He has an old soul and a kind heart as one can clearly see with his interactions with all the animals. Will he stay long with you? I hope he’s a regular addition to LaLande. I find him so peaceful to watch…and being an American I can assure you any peace is welcome as we fall apart over here. I enjoy watching you all. Thank you Selma for the quiet peaceful Zen you send our way.

  4. Fran Booth

    Could you list all your regular volunteers and staff with their names, where they are from, their birthday, their likes (etc) so we can send appropriate “cadeaux”) – who’s the hedgehog man as I have one to send but don’t know who is who – also correct postal address for La Lande and any other info to bring us all closer together via your vlog in these trying times. Fran. South Australia

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