Join Mummy for a private tour of our organic walled garden! This is the place where we harvest all of the fruit, vegetables and cut flowers for the chateau. When we bought the chateau there was just the beautiful ancient wall and dilapidated greenhouse, and my mother and our volunteers are slowly transforming it back into a jewel of a kitchen garden, that I rely on heavily for wonderful produce to cook for my guests in the summers.

I’m delighted to welcome you into my home, and to take you on a personal tour. There’s so much to see that I’ve had to split the tour into several parts. This week I’ll show you the 19th century walled garden. It’s still a work in progress, as we’re about to add eight more beds, and many more metal arches to create beautiful walkways!

A very special thank you to all of you who have become Patrons of the Chateau de Lalande. As you can imagine, your help means more to me now than ever. Because of you, I’ll be able to keep living at Lalande and making videos even though our chambres d’hotes income has been decimated by the coronavirus. I’ve been overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity, On behalf of this beautiful chateau that will continue to survive and flourish because of you, thank you!!! If you’re interested in become a Patron of The Chateau Diaries, click here:


  1. Layla wright

    Your mum is absolutely amazing she deserves all the strawberries she like she works so hard and I was wrong you do have flowers unfortunately I don’t have a garden but I do grow lavender rosemary and basil on my windowsill I used to have an allotment but itt had clay soil and I was having to do it after work so it got too hard but the strawberries rhubarb and sweetcorn was so sweet just picked. After watching your blog I’m seriously thinking about taking it back up I used to grow a lot of roses I think to the annoyance of the other allotment people. but the couple that took over my allotment kept some of my roses and everytime I go past them I smile
    Love Layla Xxx

  2. Darcella Leeder

    I also adore Mummy! My own momma loves to garden and they would be endless friends talking Over the plants! I also do all the mowing on my property and so I appreciate Mummy taking on that role! I’m sad Percy and Isabelle are separated during this time of publishing. It’s now July in America but I’m watching in order since I discovered your family so I’m a bit behind real time! Thank you for every single Video and the hours in your field office 😉 to upload!!!

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