▷ SUNDAYS AT THE CHATEAU: Remarkable French Gardens: The Garden of the Priory of Notre Dame d’Orsan

This Sunday we visit one of France’s ‘Jardins Remarkables’, the garden at the ancient Priory of Notre Dame d’Orsan. Reflecting the religious history of the priory which dates from 1107, the garden is full of christian symbolism, but it also follows the monastic tradition of using gardens to feed both the body and the soul. There are extraordinary vegetable gardens, orchards, and an area for the cultivation of medicinal plants – even the walls of the labyrinth are made of edible trees. But all of those practical elements are contained within magical garden rooms, where windows in hedges offer glimpses into other worlds, and which continually surprise and delight…

As lockdown starts to ease in France, we are allowed to travel up to 100km from home, so I’ll take this opportunity of showing you many of the treasures of our beautiful region…

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  1. Sevahn Merian

    What a fantastic outing! I am so impressed with Antoine. He is adorable and has the most handsome eyes. What a delightful young boy. It is a pleasure to follow you on Sundays at La Lande. Thank you for showing me the beauty and peacefulness of the French countryside.

  2. Calliroi Panagopoulou

    Dear Stephanie,
    I enjoyed the video very much- I wish I could be there with you. I would be very grateful if you could inform me about the sources of all this knowledge relating to gardens and christian symbolism – tradition. That would help me quite a lot in my MA in Lterature and Art.
    Thank you in advance

  3. Layla wright

    I really enjoyed your blog very much more than my 7 miles journey to the garden centre which I got burnt on because it’s so hot on my Victorian Pink bicycle replica which got a puncture on the way back. You should get damask rose the scent is amazing and is one of the oldest roses. And I love your style your hat looks like from a Vogue magazine.

    Love Layla Xxx

  4. Caron Spurway

    Hi Stephanie I loved this garden! Thank you for the tour, I couldn’t get enough of it, I wish the video went on for much longer as I am an Herbalist and wanted to see all the plants. Hopefully you will go back some day and do another vlog. One thing you said was that you didn’t know much about the herbs and how to use them, of course there are many herb books you could get. However, there is a very well known French Herbalist named Maurice Messegue who wrote a number of herb books. I’m not sure if you can still get his books, but maybe you could find one in the second hand stores you go to.

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