There is progress on all fronts at the Chateau de Lalande! Selmar starts a new project, Mummy continues to pour love into the garden, I cook and plan a ‘Mini Glyndebourne’ festival on the lawn, and Michael and I finally return to our favourite charity shop!

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  1. Layla wright

    I love your pink dress but where did you get it from also what amazing find the shoes it’s my birthday soon and I might get Dior plate and I would love to see the show at the chateau please do another one next year so I can go and see and please make a blog of the show please. Love to see abit of it.

    Love Layla Xxx

  2. katelillich

    Another delightful episode of Chateau Diaries! Thx, Stephanie, et à très bientôt ! Bisous, kate (in Lexington KY, 💙 of the Bluegrass 🐎) PS Where is this lovely charity shop?

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