The Chateau de Lalande starts to fill up once more with its regular characters as lockdown eases throughout Europe. Michael and Ruth arrive from Amsterdam, Nic and Marie return from Brussels, and my wonderful artist friend Ollie visits from the UK. I’d missed everyone so much! And the chateau is a hive of industry, as Tomaz and Selmar continue their incredible work in the laundry room, whilst Mummy and Dan make big changes in the vegetable garden…

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  1. Layla wright

    You know what you need some outdoor sculpture and maybe an outdoor cinema and I really love your pink and black arts work and I love wildflower artwork by
    Yvonne Coomber and did you know you can make fertilizer out of stinging nettles as meant to be really good
    and by the way I now watch your blogs on YouTube so you get the revenue and comment on this one site

    Love Layla Xxx

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