▷ SUNDAYS AT THE CHATEAU: the stunning Limoges Porcelain of bernardaud

This week I share one of the magnificent cultural treasures of this area of France with you – Limoges porcelain! I’ve chosen to start with Bernardaud, who have been making porcelain in Limoges for five generations. They also own the Ancienne Manufacture Royale de Limoges, which reproduces extraordinary dinner services which were enjoyed by Louis XV, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. But far from only showcasing their past triumphs, Bernardaud has continued its long tradition of working with great artists, from Marc Chagall to Jeff Koons!

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  1. Layla wright

    I have to say this latest blog has ticked all my boxes absolutely loved it I have spent hundreds on porcelain my favourite is Villari and Versace I think I’m addicted I don’t seem to be able to get enough of it and I have to drive myself away so I don’t spend anymore and I don’t drink tea or coffee but I use coffee cups and the coffee pot for hot chocolate instead I make hot chocolate with melted chocolate so I only want a little bit.

    Love Layla x

  2. Ralph Rocchiccioli

    The historical background information on Limoges was enlightening, and you brought an element of whimsy. I enjoyed this presentation very much.
    Thank you,

  3. jonquil tonge

    I just loved your presentation on the Limoges porcelain of Bernardaud.lt opened up a glorious new world for me of skill and elegance. I can’t wait until l can get to France and visit the exhibition and explore some of the antique shops . I am also addicted to all your blogs Stephanie.

  4. Gail Goldys

    Thank you so much I love history and art The presentation was wonderful I have a very small piece that my cousin brought to me from Limoges I love the designs also

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