▷ THE CHATEAU DIARIES 141: Et In Arcadia ego

It’s a challenging day at the chateau, as a sad event occurs at Lalande, forcing us to focus on the good and look towards the future. Luckily, exciting projects abound – work starts on the chapel windows, Oliver starts a painting of Mummy in the garden, and the costume cupboard is relocated. Michael Potts creates a magnificent feast through the power of delegation, and Mummy, Scotman and Dan the Gardener try to discover the root of the Mystery of the Missing Water in the vegetable garden…

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  1. Layla Wright

    Salmar you touched my heart I’m so sorry about the baby peacock I get upset too people say it’s just nature and some people say animals don’t have feelings I think that’s untrue you can tell when an animal has lost its baby it shows.

    Love Layla x

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