▷ THE CHATEAU DIARIES 145: Music and Song

The chateau is filled with beautiful music during a workshop for talented young pianists and opera singers. It’s all hands on deck in the kitchen, and Nati make delicious cakes whilst Marie divides her time between the kitchen and the floristry studio – stunning bouquets are appearing in the house! Mummy and Selmar are working full steam in the garden, and we’re all overjoyed by the the return of Scotman!!! The week ends with a concert featuring a surprise guest appearance 😉

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  1. Bren in Coastal Georgia USA

    I have enjoyed watching this episode so much that I have watched it now multiple times. Each time I notice even more loveliness in full bloom of Summer.. Everything is so serene and enchanting: the garden and gardeners,that always delight, “sweet 16” Diesel and Selmar, Nati’s cooking and hospitality, Marie’s lovely studio and fabulous bouquet, and the Chapel work, to the exquisite concert of such talented, professional musicians and the exciting and surprising multi-talented Tomas that delights us all with his musical debut, and the always welcome sight of The Scotman and his humor, which is so infectious for everyone and last but not least the most beautiful and talented Chatelaine that always shares the beauty in the life at LaLande! It is always a treat and blessing for us. Thank you again for letting us take a peek into your lives at LaLande. Sending love across The Pond, from The Golden Isles of Georgia, USA , Bren xoxo

    1. Layla wright

      To Marie I tried to watch your YouTube channel today and I could barely hear you I can’t comment on the channel as I have to make my own channel to do so, so I commented on here and hopefully you will get the message. It’s on your latest YouTube

      Love Layla x

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