▷ CADEAUX AT THE CHATEAU: Incredible gifts being opened at the chateau!

In ‘Cadeaux at the Chateau’, all of the inhabitants of the Chateau de Lalande gather together to receive the beautiful gifts that people have sent from all over the world. I used to show the gifts as part of ‘The Chateau Diaries’ episodes, but you’re all so very generous that we have many gifts, and if we spent the episodes opening them, we wouldn’t be able to show you other aspects of chateau life! So, for those of you who enjoy watching presents being opened, and as a way to thank those of you who were kind enough to send them, I’ve made this new video series. Every now and then, we will film your beautiful gifts whilst enjoying afternoon tea or aperitif together. It is very important to me that you know that we in no way expect anyone to send us gifts. I would like to go further than that and add that, if doing so will put you in any financial difficulty whatsoever, please, please do not send us anything. Knowing that you join us by watching ‘The Chateau Diaries’ gives us all an enormous boost. But for those of you who have sent these incredibly thoughtful gifts, I hope that seeing us open them gives you a fraction of the joy that you’ve given us 💖💖💖

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